Why Retire in Spain

A lot of retirees dream of having a relaxing life in a peaceful village or town. Everyone wants a place that offers a laid back and safe way of life. And this can only be achieved when they move in Spain. Spain has been one of the most favored countries to live by most retirees.

Choosing between you should sell your old home and buy a new one abroad is a crucial part of deciding if you should retire in your place or abroad.

One of the reasons why most of us have a hard time deciding this case is because maybe we have already established a good dwelling house in our place and a lot of memories must be let go if we want to go abroad. The next problem is if we can easily find a new house to live when we decide to go abroad and if the amount we collected from selling our old house is enough in buying a new home abroad. Other things we might consider are – if we would miss our old house? If we would get comfortable in our new home and if we will easily get along with the new environment.

There are a lot of things to consider before we even finally decide on where to retire.


Why Retire in Spain – Reasons to Do So
One of the biggest interests in Spain is their quality of life. If someone retires in Spain, they are offered a one-year round sunshine, ravishing scenery and shores. Almost all retirees are fascinated by the fulfilling lifestyle Spain has to offer. Not to mention the financial benefits that result from inexpensive housing and healthcare.

Living Expense and Healthcare System
Another reason for many retirees to choose living in Spain is that, it continues to be a relatively cheap place to dwell in. Also, Spain has a well-developed health system that can be availed by everyone. It is a well-developed country that offers good communication and transport infrastructures.

Though Spain is originally an enthusiast Catholic country, Spain has been liberal nowadays considering same-sex marriage being legalized in 2005. In general, people in Spain are open-minded and are easy to get along with.

Education in Spain is free and mandatory until Secondary level. Its public elementary and secondary schools are open to all and are cheap compared to the United States.

Applying for a visa in Spain isn’t as hard as the Spanish Consulate provides helpful English documentation of the requirements. As long as you have the necessary documents such as your proof of income and medical and criminal histories, there will be no problem in applying for a corresponding visa in Spain.

Compared to US, Spain is a lot safer when it comes to violent crime. There are lot of best Spanish cities to live in that are listed as peaceful and economically stable.

Give time looking carefully at all the information above before you decide on whether you stay or move abroad when you retire and where exactly would you want to go to. Considering these critical points from your perspective, you will be more confident when finally making the decision on what’s best for you.